What We Do

The principal purpose of Absolute Healthcare LLC is to provide an excellent skilled nursing, and other therapeutic and paraprofessional services to patients we serve in AHCA region 6 (Hardee, Highlands, Hillsborough, Manatee and Polk County Area).

Care will generally be provided for the time, duration, and frequency specified by the physician, and agreeable with the patient.  Care will be provided in the patient’s residence, or in an institution, in order to maximize and fulfill his/her goals as a member of the community. 

Skilled Nursing
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RNs (LVN/LPN under the direction of RN)

Registered Nurses (RNs) provide quality nursing care by the visit or the shift. The highly trained professionals follow the physician’s orders, monitor and instruct the patient regarding their care. Specialized therapies as IV antibiotics, chemotherapy, and total parenteral and enteral nutrition are also provided by the RN.

All RNs are licensed in the state and follow all regulations and standards of practice required by the state.

The Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) /Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)  provides assigned nursing care, under the direction of an RN.

For patients facing issues of aging, disability, chronic illness or difficulty in staying focused, we know it is pretty challenging for them to care for themselves at home. This instance is where our  home health aides can support and assist. Our home health aides improve the quality of life for people through professional, hands-on care and compassion. 

If you are looking to get homecare for a loved one recovering from surgery, suffering from forgetfulness, weak from aging or just needs a helping hand at home. Absolute Health has the right staff to support your loved ones. We offer home health aides with professional skills to care for your loved while giving you peace of mind.

Patients sometimes no longer require the kind of healthcare offered at a hospital but still need therapy to help them at home. Occupational therapy is a vital part of a patient’s healing process. We offer our services at your convenience at home and we provide engaging activities that improve our patient’s  psychological well-being while helping them develop the functional skills they need to regain their independence. We offer different therapies depending on the patient’s unique needs to help them improve their quality of life.

Our Occupational therapists are focused on treating things that keep patients from doing daily tasks. They work diligently to assess and treat conditions that affect someone’s ability to perform daily tasks ranging from self-care to high-level tasks. They create treatment plans and assist patients with a variety of functional activities to improve movement, visual, cognitive and general coordination skills.

It is noticed when patients are recovering from serious illnesses or recuperating from surgery, they often struggle with getting back on their feet which can mean getting help with how to complete daily tasks again. Our physical therapists work with you to help you regain mobility through a wide range of rehabilitation services. 

They help you to improve and restore mobility and muscle strength. They offer services in the comfort of your home by specially training you or your loved ones on how to get back to your normal selves. 

Absolute Healthcare LLC speech therapy services are provided by certified speech-language pathologists who are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with speech conditions. Our speech therapy services are created to help our patients restore communication skills and abilities such as eating and swallowing, all from the comfort of their homes. 

They also help patients find ways to compensate for impaired understanding and expression of language. We evaluate client’s abilities for swallowing, communication skills and cognitive loss to create a plan for the therapy. 

Some of our speech therapy services are: 

Treating responsive and expressive language disorders, creating care plans for swallowing problems, helping with speech disorders, to provide oral-motor skills, treatment with possible communication systems and devices, treating communication disorders, treatment of swallowing disorders and voice disorders. We also improve communication skills to positively impact safety and quality of life, enhance attention, memory, reasoning, safety awareness, coping strategies and problem solving

Our speech-language therapists  create diet plans for patients with exercises, and tips for family and friends. Our main goal  is making a positive improvement  in our patients’ lives.

Our professional medical social workers are responsible for offering the support the patients need in order to fully recover from a medical illness or injury. They also help patients recover from emotional, physical, or psychological concerns. 

Our professionals perform a comprehensive psychological assessment of a patient’s  needs, by working with the patient’s family, support system, and other health service providers to coordinate a customized plan for each patient at home. They also develop discharge plans, arrange home care services, provide appropriate referrals, offering support groups, and advocating for patients and their families.  Medical social workers arrange all available resources to ensure patients recover and achieve optimal well-being.